cleancloud: A Trusted Secure Private Platform for Enterprise Cloud Computing - Secure Hosting


Cloud computing can help you reduce operating and capital expenses while increasing the agility and reliability of your critical information systems. For enterprises with existing data center investments, this is achieved through the concept of private cloud computing, in which internal and external cloud resources are consumed and controlled centrally by the enterprise itself

The goals of private cloud computing are to:

  • Enable efficient delivery of IT resources and services
  • Give the enterprise complete control over data, software, and systems management
  • Enable choice in technologies and service providers

Critical to enterprise adoption of cloud computing, however, is trust. Without trust, the economics and time-to-market advantages of cloud computing don't even come into play, and enterprise IT simply can't risk moving to the cloud.

Not all clouds are created equal. The earthwave cleancloud developed in conjunction with key technology partners (Cisco, EMC and VMware)-certified to the highest level of security standards (DSD, ASIO T4, PCI DSS, ISO27001)-and deployed by leading government agencies and enterprises delivers enterpriseclass capabilities for the key elements of trust in cloud computing: security, control, service level-management and compliance.

cleancloud provides an ideal infrastructure on which to create and grow your secure private cloud services, including:

  • Managed Secure Private Clouds
    The scalability of the Cloud combined with the security and control of a fully dedicated, managed environment.
  • Managed Dedicated Secure Hosting
    Your applications and data, protected by the earthwave ultra secure, military grade hosting and cleancloud platform, and built by earthwave from the ground up with leading-edge commercial and open source technology solutions, delivered on a range of platforms including Redhat, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Microsoft, Sun Solaris, HP UX, IBM AIX, VMS, Oracle, SQL and Citrix.
  • Secure Managed Colocation
    Your systems, maintained by earthwave's world-leading security management team within our ultra secure hosting facilities and the cleancloud platform.
  • Secure Colocation
    Your systems, managed by your people, housed within earthwave's ultra secure, military grade hosting and cleancloud platform.